Why Equality in Tourism

Who We Are

Equality in Tourism is a registered non-profit organisation transforming the lives of women in tourism by advocating for gender equality across the industry. We envision a just tourism industry that empowers women and girls, promotes diversity and inclusion, and contributes to the social, economic and environmental well-being of local communities.  Our collaborative and innovative approach provides practical solutions and best practices that inspire global action towards a more equitable and responsible tourism industry.

Why Gender Equality & Tourism?

Gender equality is crucial in the tourism industry to create a fair and just sector that benefits all individuals involved. The tourism industry is a key employer, particularly for women, who make up a significant portion of the workforce. However, women continue to face numerous challenges and discrimination, such as limited opportunities for career advancement and unequal pay. Unequal representation of women in leadership positions affects decision-making processes, which can lead to gender-blind policies that do not acknowledge the unique needs and experiences of women. 

It is also women in tourist destinations that are most adversely impacted by the negative consequences of tourism such as environmental degradation and cultural erosion. 

To achieve a sustainable and equitable tourism industry, it is imperative to strive for equality throughout the entire supply chain and across all destinations. This ambitious goal necessitates the unwavering collaboration and commitment of all stakeholders involved, including employers, governments, and individuals alike. To ensure a sustainable future for the tourism sector, it is crucial that women are placed at the heart of the solutions. Their active participation and empowerment are key to driving positive change and shaping a more inclusive and resilient industry.

Our Organisation

Equality in Tourism International is a global charity creating fundamental change within the tourism industry. We are thought leaders on gender equality and tourism, using our expertise to teach, advocate and transform gender equality in organisations and on the ground.  Our organisation is made up of four main pillars through which we improve gender equality. 


As thought leaders in Gender Equality and Tourism, we remain at the forefront of the latest developments and lead international research that is crucial to the industry’s advancement in gender equality. We function as an information and resource centre for individuals interested in further knowledge on the subject and are constantly working to create more accessible information for organisations and individuals within the industry to improve their gender equality policies and practices. 


Improving gender equality within tourism and hospitality organisations relies heavily on effective training. By increasing knowledge, awareness, and understanding, policies and practices can be improved to enhance gender equality in the workplace. Our services are available to organisations interested in strengthening their commitment to gender equality.


The Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award is an esteemed international recognition in the tourism and hospitality industries. It is awarded to organisations that exhibit a strong dedication to gender equality, with the goal of improving gender equality throughout the sector by showcasing exceptional practices that can be adopted and enhanced by others in the industry. Additionally, the application process was designed to be used as a tool for organisations to review their current gender equality practices, and easily identify potential areas for development. 

Impact Projects

As part of our on-the-ground efforts, we have developed impact projects that enhance the lives of women in tourism and destinations. The ultimate goal of these projects is not only to improve the lives of women, but also to develop case studies highlighting key and concepts that can be replicated across the globe. For each project, we identify the essential components and teachings that can be utilised industry-wide and encourage our projects to inspire further work. 

Who are we?

Equality in Tourism International, was founded by Director Tricia Barnett and subsequently registered as a charity in 2018 with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. While we may be a small organisation, our impact is mighty, thanks to our committed trustees and volunteers who steadfastly support our mission and drive the transformative change we strive to achieve. Each individual involved is driven by an unwavering passion for both gender equality and the tourism industry, generously sharing their wealth of knowledge to continually enhance the organisation’s expertise. Together, we are dedicated to creating a more equitable and sustainable future for the tourism industry.

A Global Network

Our organisation emphasises the exchange of knowledge and networking to create a more just and sustainable tourism industry. To achieve this goal, we have a global network of Associates who bring their diverse range of experiences and rich knowledge bank to enhance Equality in Tourism International. We recognise the necessity for collaboration and global teamwork to achieve success, and our Associates play a vital role in achieving this objective.

World Map with tags showing the location of our associates globally.