Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award 2024

Equality in Tourism

The tourism sector has more women working in it than men, but there is a huge gender pay gap and many women still suffer from lack of gender equality in the workplace. It is also women in destinations that often suffer the most from destructive tourism practices of larger organisations. We are here to stop that. We want to see a tourism industry that supports women and has a positive impact on all those involved. 


To transform the lives of women in tourism by developing gender equality across the industry.

We envision a just tourism industry that empowers women and girls, promotes diversity and inclusion, and contributes to the social, economic and environmental well-being of local communities.

Our Work

At Equality in Tourism, we strongly believe in a tourism industry that is fair and just for everyone. As a team of top experts in the field of gender and tourism, we generate cutting-edge research, promote best practices for gender equality, and develop replicable case studies. Our goal is to provide a valuable source of learning and support for individuals and organisations who share our vision. It’s crucial for us to highlight the voices of women in tourism and make them a central part of our work. We provide them with support and create a global network to advance gender equality within the industry. 

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