We would like to take the opportunity to promote an exciting upcoming event- an opportunity to discuss the important issues relating to the future of gender equality within tourism in a post-Covid world, alongside some of Equality in Tourism’s own Trustees. The event is being held by the Transforming Tourism Initiative, a coalition of NGO’s, academics and tourism practitioners focused on advancing the tourism sector in line with the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The online seminar will be moderated by our own Dr. Stroma Cole, and feature a Keynote speech from Dr. Angel Kalisch. On the agenda includes a 90-minute seminar, followed by smaller working-group discussions.

The seminar will be guided by the following questions:

– What trends are currently influencing the development of tourism? How are they affecting women?

– What is necessary to support women’s empowerment during and after the COVID-crisis?

– What mechanisms should be strengthened in order to avoid an increasing precariousness of women working in tourism in the future?

The event promises to be an fascinating opportunity to hear from some great actors and thinkers within the sphere of gender equality and tourism. If interested, please join the Zoom on Thursday, Thursday, 17th June, at 2.30pm (CET).

Language: Languages of the webinar are English and Spanish with simultaneous translation.

Where: Zoom Meeting-ID: 678 5481 0249