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Tourism’s Impact on Women Farmers in Kilimanjaro

How Wamboma Co-operative is using the Local Tourism and Hospitality Industry to transform the lives of women Farmers.

Co-operative manager, Elizabeth Mushi stood holding vegetables at the Wamboma shop to be sold to customers and hoteliers.

In the heart of Tanzania, an incredible initiative is making a profound impact on the lives of women farmers and the local community. The Wamboma Co-operative, driven by the vision of empowering women and bridging the gap between local producers and the tourism industry, has become a beacon of hope and transformation. Today, we invite you to join us on a journey to explore the inspiring work of Wamboma and discover how your support can create lasting change.


Wamboma Co-operative, founded with the vision of bridging the gap between impoverished farming communities and the lucrative tourism industry, has been instrumental in changing the lives of women. For years, these women, who dominate the horticultural sector across Tanzania and Africa, struggled to make ends meet on their small plots of land.

Under the guidance of the local women’s empowerment organisation KWIECO and the Wamboma Co-operative, 120 women in four village groups have been provided with the tools and knowledge to transform their farming practices into successful businesses. Through training in effective farming techniques, entrepreneurship, women’s rights, and cooperative principles, these women gained the confidence and skills necessary to thrive in a competitive market.

Women from the Wamboma Co-operative during a workshop at the training farm.

One key aspect of the program is the establishment of training farms, where women work together on a communal half-acre of land. Here, they learn modern farming methods, bid farewell to poor-quality seeds and unprepared soil, and embrace sustainable practices. In addition, two of the groups have adopted industrial-sized greenhouses to safeguard their crops from the unpredictable impacts of climate change.


These women have embraced modern farming techniques, entrepreneurship, and cooperative principles, cultivating high-quality produce that meets the demand of local businesses like Stella Maris Lodge. Teddy Chuwa, the lodge manager, praises the contribution of Wamboma, not only for the quality of the produce but also for the positive impact it has on the community.

“Wamboma has supported me with the best service and best quality; and it has been so important to me and my business to give back to the women and village that has given me so much”

Despite the hardships faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change’s destructive effects, the Wamboma Co-operative has persevered. While many local tourism businesses suffered, Wamboma continued sales through their shop, offering farm sacks filled with fresh produce. The convenience, quality assurance, and growing customer base have made Wamboma a trusted source for local families, restaurants, and canteens. However, there is still more work to be done.


Wamboma Co-operative envisions a future where their resources and knowledge are shared with more inspiring women, reaching new villages and hotels that can benefit from their program. They are committed to fostering strong partnerships and building lasting relationships between tourists and the local community. To further support the women farmers and reduce food wastage, Wamboma is embarking on a new initiative: drying and packaging fruits for direct sale to tourists. This innovative approach not only enhances yields and minimizes waste but also creates a unique connection between visitors and the remarkable women who call this place home.


In addition to expanding their impact through sustainable farming practices, Wamboma has set their sights on venturing into the tourism business itself. By welcoming tourists to experience the Wamboma Collective firsthand, the women will have the opportunity to generate additional income while sharing their stories and wisdom with those who come to appreciate the beauty of Tanzania. This direct engagement will not only create meaningful experiences for visitors but also empower the women to showcase their achievements and inspire others through their remarkable journey.

Dativa working on her farm after joining the Wamboma Coop as part of our Tanzania women's empowerment supply chain project.

Your Support Matters

Wamboma’s journey has been driven by passion, dedication, and limited resources. To reach their goals of self-sufficiency and expand their impact, they need our help. Your generous contributions can make a significant difference.

Funding Goals:

  • Tour Development: Supporting training, marketing, and infrastructure for visitors (£12,000)
  • Solar Fruit Drying Business: Establishing a manager, acquiring equipment, packaging, and storage space (£6,000)


Together, we can empower more women, transform communities, and create a sustainable future for all. Your support will not only contribute to the success of Wamboma but also uplift and empower Chagga women, enabling them to secure a better life and drive positive change.

Join the Journey

By donating to Wamboma Co-operative, you become part of a movement that champions gender equality, supports local entrepreneurship, and fosters sustainable development. Your contribution will directly impact the lives of women farmers and their communities, helping them thrive even in the face of challenges.

Let’s stand together and make a difference. Together, we can shape a future where women’s voices are heard, communities flourish, and gender equality becomes a reality.

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