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A central mission for Equality in Tourism is to develop cutting edge research that is orientated towards affecting positive change for women in the tourism and hospitality industry. Access all of Equality in Tourism’s publications in one place. Whether for academic or industry use, these resources will help you further your education surrounding gender equality in tourism.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism Cover

Gender Justice in Global Tourism: Exploring Tourism Transformation Through the Lens of Feminist Alternative Economics

August 2022

Angela B. Kalisch and Stroma Cole

Exploring tourism transformation through the lens of feminist alternative economics.

The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy publication digital cover

Tourism, Human Rights, and Gender Equality.

December 2020

Kania Mezariani Guzaimi, Wahyu Wagiman, Vita Rachim Yudhani.

Chapter by Dr. Stroma Cole

Dr Stroma Cole was recently commissioned to co-author a chapter on Tourism by The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy, a human rights organisation, in Indonesia. Read the shortened English version of the paper on our news page or download the full publication here.

Tourism and Gender Based Violence: Challenging Inequalities Digital Cover for Cabi

Tourism and Gender-Based Violence: Challenging Inequalities

August 2020

Paola Vizcaino, Heather Jeffrey, Claudia Eger.         Forward written by Dr. Stroma Cole

Gender based violence (GBV) in travel and tourism is embedded within wider social structures of gender inequalities and discrimination. This book focuses on the multiple and interconnected manifestations of violence that women and girls encounter in tourism consumption and production, such as physical, sexual, emotional or socio-economic abuse. Read the foreword written by Dr Stroma Cole or find the full publication here.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism Volume 27, 2019 Digital Cover

No Sustainability for Tourism Without Gender Equality

March 2019

Daniela Morena Alarcon and Stroma Cole

Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Volune 27, 2019.  pp903-919

This paper explores the interconnections between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and tourism from a gender perspective. It is the first paper to take a critical analysis of how SDG 5 relates to tourism, and how tourism and gender equality interconnects with the other SDGs.

Gender equality and tourism: beyond empowerment. Cabi Publication Digital Cover

Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment


Cole, S. (Ed.)

To hear Stroma Cole talk about the recently published book “Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment”, which she edited, and recount some of the personal stories featured within it, watch this clip on YouTube.

To give you a flavour of the contents of this book, download the first Chapter

Sun, Sand and Ceilings: Women in Tourism and Hospitality Boardrooms. Publication, Digital Cover

Sun, Sand and Ceilings: Women in Tourism and Hospitality Boardrooms


Equality in Tourism

In 2013, Equality in Tourism published its first report on women in the boardrooms of the tourism industry. Five years on, this report revisits the data to assess the progress. The following report presents research and analysis, together with recommendations for the implementation of change. 

Transforming Tourism 2030 Agenda goal 5: gender equality. Digital Chapter Cover

Achieving Gender Equality in Tourism and Empowering All Women and Girl


Daniela Moreno Alarcón, Equality in Tourism

Transforming Tourism 2030 Agenda is a tool that rethinks sustainable development at social, economic and environmental levels. Goal 5 is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. This document details tangible ways forward and the challenges that may be faced. 


Sun, Sand and Ceilings: Women in the Boardroom in the Tourism Industry


Equality in Tourism

Our findings suggest that the tourism industry is failing to promote women to the highest levels of decision making despite having a larger pool of female talent from which to draw. In this report we set out our findings over four key sectors of the tourism industry, both in the UK and internationally. 

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