From London Student Feminists

In 2016 the UK had one of the highest gender pay gaps in Europe, the gender pay gap does not symbolize a difference in pay for the same work, but the difference in pay for all roles. Since then, reporting on the gender pay gap for large companies has become mandatory. The data is now freely available online at, but over 1,500 companies missed the deadline on 4th April. Thus far the data of those that did submit on time has been analysed and published in the Guardian, utilising a handy calendar to highlight when women begin working for free.

The difference in pay for all roles is important as it highlights how women are still not being promoted to senior positions, and how jobs that are perceived as ‘women’s jobs’ receive less pay and are less valued in society. Equality in Tourism has selected some of the household names of British tourism to report here – some stand out positively as equal pay employers, others… we’ll let you see for yourself.


Ryanair – Women’s mean hourly rate is 67% lower than men’s (33p for every £1 that men earn)

Thomas Cook Airlines – 57.7% lower than men’s

TUI Airways Limited – 56.9% lower than men’s

EasyJet – 51.7% lower than men’s

Royal Caribbean Cruises – 38.3% lower than men’s

British Airways – 35% lower than men’s

P & O ferries – 16% lower than men’s

Accommodation Sector

Intercontinental hotels group (who have a number of brands including Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza) – Women’s mean hourly rate is 38% lower than men’s

Macdonald Hotels – 16.4% lower than men’s

Hilton – 15% lower than men’s

Whitbread (who own Premier Inn and Costa) – 14.8% lower than men’s

Thwaites – 14.3% lower than men’s

Travelodge – 10.7% lower than men’s

The Savoy – 2% lower than men’s

Visitor Attractions

Heritage Great Britain plc – Women’s mean hourly rate is 17.8% lower than men’s

Merlin Attractions (Madame Tussaud’s) – 14.6% lower than men’s

English Heritage – 10.1% lower than men’s

Natural History Museum – 9.8% lower than men’s

Historic Royal Palaces – 8.7% lower than men’s

The British Museum – 0% lower than men’s/ no discernible difference

Tour Operators and travel agencies

TUI UK LIMITED – Women’s mean hourly rate is 31.2% lower than men’s

Der Touristik UK (Kuoni) – 27.2% lower than men’s

Thomas Cook UK Limited – 24.3% lower than men’s

TUI UK Retail Limited -10.4% lower than men’s

On-line travel sites

TripAdvisor Limited – Women’s mean hourly rate is 28.2% lower than men’s – 17.9% lower than men’s

Equality in Tourism produced a report highlighting vertical segregation in tour operators in 2013, but these statistics are not indicative of change. All sectors must work harder to close the gender pay gap, as consumers and potential employees we also have a role.