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Our Big Give Christmas Challenge concluded at 12pm yesterday and we can now share with you the wonderful news that – in the space of one week – our campaign raised grand total of £8,691 for WAMBOMA Women Farmers’ Cooperative! Not only did we meet our initial target of £,5000, we smashed it by an astonishing £3,691! 

This is the first time we have taken part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge and we are absolutely blown away by the support we have received and the many people who have given so generously to support resilient women’s livelihoods. 

These funds will:

  • enable the women to develop a Farm to Table and solar drying enterprise so that they may continue to sell their produce whilst the tourist hotels remain closed
  • fund training on drying and packaging produce as well as the associated equipment, including solar drying tables, packaging stations and reusable boxes
  • afford sanitising stations so that the women can keep their work environments clean, safe and covid secure
  • pay for a paralegal to run gender awareness sessions with men and community leaders, aimed at combating gender-based violence which has risen during the pandemic. 

With the additional funds raised we can invest in effective marketing and support so that women can promote their businesses far and wide! 

Thank you to everyone who supported us by donating and/or sharing our campaign!

From all of us at Equality in Tourism

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