News from Tanzania

Tricia Barnett recently spent some time in the participanting communities of our ground-breaking #FarmForTheFuture project near Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Here’s her account. Happily, after days of torrential rain, the sun is out. I am with our project team evaluating our women’s farming project #FarmForTheFuture after two years. We’ve been training impoverished, marginalised women farmers to come […]

Women at the Foot of the Eight-Thousanders

Our director Daniela Moreno Alarcón spent time in Nepal earlier this year, conducting gender evaluations in some of the country’s top tourism destinations. She met with many inspiring entrepreneurs and activists, and recounts some of her impressions below. The original Spanish version of this article can be read here, and also includes sources to the […]

Make your voice heard – take the survey

Are you a woman working in tourism? Then we invite you to take part in this survey, organised by our dear friends over at Gender Responsible Tourism. If you are interested in participating, please do so by June 15th, when the survey closes. Gender Responsible Tourism are working to create a network of women tourism […]