COVID-19 exposes tourism inequalities

COVID-19 has shut down global travel. So what will happen to the women and communities relying on tourism? We are asking for stories of hope and opportunity.

TripaSista – a travel directory for women

This post is a contribution by Kim Burgess, co-founder of TripaSista, an Australian travel directory dedicated to catering for women travelers. Growing up on the east coast of Australia during the 1970’s and 80’s was idyllic and beautiful albeit quiet and isolated – and very “white”. The only way to experience life beyond the mind-numbing […]

Focus on women – a new way to travel

Alice Fauveau is the founder of ‘Focus on Women’, a travel agency created in 2009 in order to empower and increase the visibility of women around the world through travel. A passionate traveller, Alice saw the need to create a new kind of tourism, one that was focused on the global culture of womankind. At […]