The Australian hospitality response to the COVID-19 crisis

Further inspirational examples of the hospitality response to the COVID-19 crisis. In late April, Equality in Tourism reported on the positive ways in which the hard-hit hospitality industry has stepped in to provide beds for those in need. In this article, our Associate Professor Shirley Randell shares information on similar initiatives in Australia. In Australia, […]

Hospitality industry putting empty beds to good use during COVID crisis

Hotels in several countries have been called upon – and are stepping up – to provide refuge for women escaping violence. Lockdown measures confining vulnerable women and children in their homes with violent partners have led to a dramatic rise in reports of domestic violence across the world. In Hubei Province, where the virus first […]

Where are all the women chefs?

Gender stereotypes are often used to explain horizontal and vertical segregation in the tourism and hospitality industries, but there is one area that demands we question this (at least to some extent): the kitchen. Did you know that women make up just around 20% of chefs in the UK? And yet one of the most […]