Tourism and Equality in a Post Covid-19 World.

At the end of last year, Chair and Trustee Dr Angela Kalisch gave a guest lecture to the Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism in Kolkata on ‘Tourism and Equality in a Post-Covid 19 World’ and the Role of Tourism Practitioners. Kalisch begins by outlining the vision of Equality in Tourism. She states the organisation’s […]

COVID-19 in India: an opportunity for women?

Is the disruption caused by the pandemic an opportunity for building new and better models of employment for women in tourism? In a recent article, Equations, a research, policy and advocacy organisation working on tourism and development issues in India, analyses the problems currently faced by women working in India’s tourism sector and suggests ways […]

The Australian hospitality response to the COVID-19 crisis

Further inspirational examples of the hospitality response to the COVID-19 crisis. In late April, Equality in Tourism reported on the positive ways in which the hard-hit hospitality industry has stepped in to provide beds for those in need. In this article, our Associate Professor Shirley Randell shares information on similar initiatives in Australia. In Australia, […]

Partner Blog: What can women do in the face of the COVID tourism crisis?

We’re sharing a recent blog from our friends at Gender Responsible Tourism (GRT). Iaia Pedemonte, Founder of the Gender Responsible Tourism Network (GRT) and author of a Guide for Free Women Travellers, spoke to four experts on ways of coping with the crisis. The latest GRT newsletter details some of the strategies they put forward […]

Hospitality industry putting empty beds to good use during COVID crisis

Hotels in several countries have been called upon – and are stepping up – to provide refuge for women escaping violence. Lockdown measures confining vulnerable women and children in their homes with violent partners have led to a dramatic rise in reports of domestic violence across the world. In Hubei Province, where the virus first […]

COVID-19 exposes tourism inequalities

COVID-19 has shut down global travel. So what will happen to the women and communities relying on tourism? We are asking for stories of hope and opportunity.