Equality in Tourism is proud to announce that we will be an official co-sponsor of the international Women in Tourism Scientific Conference in April 2023, hosted by the Institute for Tourism, Croatia. Director Dr Stroma Cole will be a keynote speaker in the event, exploring critical approaches to the roles and positions of women in tourism beyond empowerment.

This exciting 3-day event aims to demonstrate and celebrate the multiple roles and positions of women in tourism to help validate and critically address the position that women have held in tourism from the 19th century until today. The conference will cover a whole host of pertinent topics, such as the historical objectification of women in tourism promotion, interdependence of gendered tourism policies and tourism development and roles of women in creating tourism products i.e. cultural, rural, urban, sport and health, a significant shift from the traditional gender inequality lens on women in tourism to more positive and empowering stories.

Where: Le Méridien Hotel Lav, Split

When: 19-21 April, 2023 (time TBC)

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