The murder of George Floyd that millions have witnessed in the US and globally, the continuing shame of Windrush, and the ill managed cases of police brutality against black people in the UK have raised consciousness of inequality and racism that Equality in Tourism is in solidarity with.

Just as racism is ingrained in society, so is gender inequality under the yoke of patriarchy, and so is class. Under the banner of disability, we can also include in this list of deeply entrenched norms of inequality those less physically able and those with mental health issues. Older people, too often invisible to society, suffer ageism. Racism, patriarchy, class, disability and ageism are intertwined.

The fact that some people of colour, that some women and that some born in to poverty have become visible and successful in their worlds has not in any way undermined the stranglehold of racism, patriarchy, class, ageism and disability on us.

The Covid-19 pandemic has compounded this inequality and brutally underscored racism, ageism, disablism and gender inequality in society’s hierarchy.

Equality in Tourism exists to challenge gender inequality in tourism. While our main focus is on gender injustice, we recognise and oppose all forms of social exclusion – be they linked to sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, class or age. As shown by the stark inequalities in the impact of COVID-19 on different groups within society, all these forms of oppression and discrimination are inter-related and need to be tackled simultaneously in order to achieve a fair and just society based on openness, diversity and inclusivity for all.

We recognise that the racism that pervades society is equally ingrained in tourism business practices.

Our mission is to achieve equality for women in tourism in all our diversity.