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Equality in Tourism Resources.

Below is a list of publications published by Equality in Tourism. These include relevant publications produced by Equality in Tourism Directors (current or previous)

Equality in Tourism Pledge

In order to promote gender equality in the tourism industry, we’re asking tourism and hospitality businesses to take our pledge.

Gender Justice in Global Tourism

August 2022

Angela B. Kalisch and Stroma Cole

Exploring tourism transformation through the lens of feminist alternative economics.

Access the full article here.


Tourism and Gender Based Violence Foreword

August 2020

Gender based violence (GBV) in travel and tourism is embedded within wider social structures of gender inequalities and discrimination. This book focuses on the multiple and interconnected manifestations of violence that women and girls encounter in tourism consumption and production, such as physical, sexual, emotional or socio-economic abuse. Read the foreword written by Dr Stroma Cole here and find the full publication here.

Tourism, Human Rights, and Gender Equality.

December 2020

Dr Stroma Cole was recently commissioned to co-author a chapter on Tourism by The Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy, a human rights organisation, in Indonesia.

Read the shortened English version of the paper on our news page or download the full publication here.

Equality in Tourism Webinar: Prioritising Gender Equality in post-COVID 19 Tourism

June 2020

Presentations at the webinar can be downloaded on our Events page.

No Sustainability for tourism without gender equality

Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Volune 27, 2019

Daniela Morena Alarcon and Stroma Cole, pp903-919

Read online

No sustainability for tourism without gender equality


Moreno Alarcón, D. & Cole, S.

Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 27:7, 903-919

Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment


Cole, S. (Ed.)

CABI: Oxford : 978 1786394 422 .

To hear Stroma Cole talk about the recently published book “Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment”, which she edited, and recount some of the personal stories featured within it, watch this clip on YouTube.

To give you a flavour of the contents of this book, download the first Chapter

Sun, Sand and Ceilings: Women in Tourism and Hospitality Boardrooms


Download PDF

Achieving Gender Equality in Tourism and Empowering All Women and Girl


Daniela Moreno Alarcón, Equality in Tourism


Download PDF (external link)

ILO guidelines on decent work and socially responsible tourism


International Labour Office

Download PDF (external link)

Sun, Sand and Ceilings: Women in the Boardroom in the Tourism Industry


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Equality in Tourism Resources.

This is EIT’S Recommended reading list on Gender and Tourism (in chronological order)

Contrast Report 14: Responsible Tourism- Gender inequalities in the tourism labour market

April 2021

Núria Abellan Calvet, Carla Izcara Conde, Alejandra López Ballart, Marta Salvador Almela

Alba Sud Editorial

The report comprehensively reviews the current landscape of research concerning the gendered dynamics of different aspects of the tourism labour market, such as glass ceilings, the imposition of aesthetic standards for women and sexual harassment.  It uses case studies which exemplify these issues in global contexts.

Download PDF (external link)

International Labour Organisation (ILO)

The primary goal of the ILO is to promote opportunities for women and men to obtain decent work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.

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Tourism and Gender-based Violence: Challenging inequalities

August 2020.

Edited by: Paola Vizcaino-Suárez, Bournemouth University, UK, Heather Jeffrey, Middlesex University, Dubai, UAE, Claudia Eger, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Read online (external link)

Application of a gender perspective in tourism research: a theoretical and practical approach.

July 2020

Cristina Figueroa-Domecq, Mónica Segovia-Perez

Journal of Tourism Analysis: Revista de Análisis Turístico

The paper aims to present a conceptual model that identifies and relates the different approaches and thematic areas in the research area of tourism and gender.

Read online (external link)

No Sustainability for tourism without gender equality

Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Volune 27, 2019

Daniela Morena Alarcon and Stroma Cole, pp903-919

Read online

Global Report on Women in Tourism, second edition

UNWTO 2019

Read online (external link)

Beyond Compliance in the Hotel Sector


Download PDF (external link)

Beyond the glass ceiling: Gendering tourism management

Inês Carvalho, Carlos Costa, Nina Lykke, Anália Torres 2018

Read online (external link)

Tourism and gendered hosts and guests

Heather L. Jeffrey, (2018)

Tourism Review

Read online (external link)

Poverty Alleviation and Women Empowerment through Tourism Development – an Explorative Study of Model Ventures

Priyakrushna Mohanty and Anu Chandran

Atna Journal of Tourism Studies 2018, Vol. 13, No. 1, 59-74 ISSN 0975-3281

Read online (external link)

Water worries: An intersectional feminist political ecology of tourism and water in Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

Cole, S. 2017

Annals of Tourism Research Volume 67, Pages 14–24

Read online (external link)

European Institute for Gender Equality

Page on Tourism

Read online (external link)

Hands Off, Pants On: Sexual Harassment in Chicago’s Hospitality Industry

UNITE 2016 Unite Here Local 1

July 2016

Download PDF (external link)

Guía didáctica turismo responsable y sostenible en Andalucía el desarrollo del turismo desde el enfoque de género

CIC BATA, 2016

Read online (external link)

Gender equality and women’s empowerment: A critical analysis of the third millennium development goal

Kabeer, N. (2005)

1. Gender & Development13(1), 13–24. doi:10.1080/13552070512331332273

Women in tourism: Shifting gender ideology in the DR

Lauren N. Duffy , Carol S. Kline  Rasul A. Mowatt  H. Charles Chancellor 2015

Read online (external link)

Mitigating Gender Inequality in Rural Regions: The Effects of Tourism Employment in Namibia


International Journal of Tourism Research, Int. J. Tourism Res., 17: 442–450. DOI: 10.1002/jtr.2010

Negotiating gender and tourism work: Women’s lived experiences in Uganda

Boonabaana 2014

Tourism and Hospitality Research 2014, Vol. 14(1–2) 27–36

Tourism’s Dirty Secret: The exploitation of Hotel Housekeepers

Oxfam Canada, 2013

Read online (external link)

Tourism as an Opportunity: Best Practices in Sustainable Tourism from a Gender Perspective

Lucy Ferguson, Daniela Alarcón, 2011

Case Studies from Bolivia, Nicaragua, The Gambia, Morocco and Senegal.

Lucy Ferguson, Daniela Alarcón , Spain 2011

Global Report on Women in Tourism: Beyond Compliance Hotels modern slavery report

UNWTO  2010

Promoting Women’s Empowerment Through Involvement in Ecotourism: Experiences from the Third World

Regina Scheyvens (2000)

Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 8:3, 232-249, DOI: 10.1080/09669580008667360

Equality in Tourism Resources.

Many organisations and individuals from a range of sectors are working to develop and share knowledge, ideas and good practices and in other ways promote our shared vision of gender equal within tourism. Below is a list of organisations that we have had some contact with and/or collaborated with in some way to advance the cause. The list will doubtlessly grow over time as more organisations add their voices.

International Campaigning Organisations

AWID: Association of Women In Development

AWID is a global, feminist, membership, movement-support organization working to achieve gender justice and women’s human rights worldwide.

Gender and Development Network (GADN)

GADN is a network of UK-based NGOs and leading experts working with partners worldwide to put gender equality and women’s rights at the heart of international development.

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Gender Responsible Tourism (GRT)

GRT promotes women’s empowerment and responsible tourism through lobbying and media platforms, as well as through its website which provides information about women-led tourism enterprises and initiatives in destinations across the globe.

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Human Rights Round Table

Supporting companies in their effort to implement a strategy for human rights due diligence.

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An international trade union it organizes and fights for the rights of workers across the food chain.  It champions women’s equality from the fields to factories to hotels, restaurants and fast food chains.

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Transforming Tourism Initiative

Demanding stronger dialogue and involvement of civil society organisations, people´s movements and affected population in tourism decision making – locally as well as globally.

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Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO) is a global network focused on empowering the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy to secure their livelihoods.

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Womankind Worldwide

Supporting women’s rights organisations and movements to strengthen and grow.

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Gender Focused Professional Organisations

World Women Tourism

Women tourism professionals connecting with each other, growing as a tribe, and flourishing together.

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Academic Organisations

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