Priscilla as young waitress

Born in the Kilimanjaro district in 1976, Priscilla grew up in a rural household which placed great importance on education and progression. With encouragement from her cousin and mother, Priscilla took the daunting step of moving away from her village and starting a job as a waitress in the late ’90’s. Over the next years, Priscilla learned on the job and took additional courses to expand her skill set. After 15 years of customer service, she was offered the role of General Manager of the hotel, a position she accepted despite her own fears and doubts.

In the years that have passed, Priscilla has not only flourished and grown in her role, but also managed to master a challenge many women struggle with – motherhood and work. Whilst holding down the job as General Manager, Priscilla and her husband have welcomed three children into the world, no small task in a country still beset by traditional gender conventions, earning less than a man in an equivalent role and little to no maternity leave and job security. Priscilla continues her work at the hotel whilst raising her daughter and two sons, an impressive feat, and one we feel highlights the rallying cry of International Women’s Day: #BeBoldForChange