Are you a woman working in tourism? Then we invite you to take part in this survey, organised by our dear friends over at Gender Responsible Tourism. If you are interested in participating, please do so by June 15th, when the survey closes.

Gender Responsible Tourism are working to create a network of women tourism entrepreneurs to learn, work and share experiences; and to give greater visibility to GRT members. And because the first step in building a relationship is getting to know each other, GRT contacted several like-minded partner associations, including Equality in Tourism, in order to reach a truly international network. Now, GRT are proud to launch their survey with these six partners, who all have one thing in common – we strive to ensure women have in equal share in the benefits of tourism:

As you can see, each of these partners have their own specialization: please do check out their websites and get in touch with them according to your needs and their capabilities.

The survey’s aim is to ensure that women entrepreneurs in tourism have voices that are heard: your voices! We all want to impact on services so that policies and studies reflect your needs. In order to do this, GRT aims to connect to as many women entrepreneurs in tourism as possible, to find out their opinions and wishes. The mid- to long-term plan is to organize workshops, events, training, diffusion, media coverage and other initiatives, working with each partner’s specialization.

What do we want to know?
We want to know what your professional goals are, what opportunities you are looking for, and how important the principles and indicators of gender responsible tourism are to you.

Who should respond to the survey?
We invite all NGO, tour operators, and women who own a or are employed in a business that is supported by tourism, to respond to the survey and also to share this with other women they work with.

Your opinion, strictly anonymous, is very important to all of us. Please complete the survey by June 15th.