Since the recent publication of our paper ‘Integrating gender into sustainable tourism projects’, we have received a wide range of feedback and many organisations have posted the paper on their websites. We are grateful for all the interest and support. The comments on the paper have been interesting and forced us to reflect on some key issues that need further development in the field of gender and sustainable tourism. For example, more can be done to engage in a critical way with the resistances that emerge from project partners and stakeholders in the sustainable tourism arena. Through gender training, we need to seek collective and constructive ways of dealing with such resistances, and reflect substantively on the implications of this. In addition, it is important to promote the sharing of positive experiences of working with stakeholders from the public and private sector, for example the work recently conducted by Equality in Tourism with Kuoni Travel. As an organisation that straddles critical thinking and active engagement with the tourism industry, Equality in Tourism strives to maintain the right balance between theory and practice. We welcome further comments on how to take these ideas forward.