Structural barriers, patriarchal norms, and an inequitable global system in the tourism and hospitality industries cannot be addressed with an award. But this award will take an important step to push for change. There is no such thing as sustainable tourism without gender equality.

Dr. Stroma Cole

Equality in Tourism

The Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award

Here at Equality in Tourism, we are excited to have launched the first award of its kind in the tourism sector: the Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award. It celebrates tourism and hospitality organisations that are leading the way for gender equality in the workplace, highlighting their best practices for replication and development across the industry. 

This prestigious honour will be presented at ITB Berlin 2023, the world’s biggest business-to-business tourism trade show. We are so grateful for the support of ITB in this endeavour and for giving us a global stage on which to put gender equality in the spotlight. 

The award ceremony is to take place on International Women’s Day (8 March) and will highlight the organisations leading the way towards the industry’s sustainability goals, of which gender equality is a vital aspect. The winner will receive public recognition on an international stage for the hard work of their team, as we praise their innovation and dedication to addressing gender equality.

The Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award will be judged by a panel of leading experts in the field and chaired by one of our founders and directors, Dr. Stroma Cole. 

Applications are open to all businesses within the tourism and hospitality sectors that prioritise gender equality and want to make it a key focus for the industry as it strives for a more sustainable future. To apply, complete the online application questionnaire, and you could be the first organisation to ever be announced as the Gender Equality Champion of the Year. 

Application deadline: January 17, 11:59 p.m.