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Do you want to make a difference in the industry? Why not become an Equality in Tourism partner and join us in our efforts to transform the lives of women in tourism? Through our unique partnerships, we can help your organisation reach its goals while supporting the promotion of gender equality within the tourism industry.

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As Equality in Tourism continues to expand its reach, we are actively seeking partnerships with travel companies, governments, donors, and other crucial stakeholders to collaborate in achieving our gender equality objectives within the tourism industry. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to contribute to our mission of fostering a more sustainable and equitable tourism sector. Together, we can create a tailored partnership experience that aligns with our specific needs while enabling you to support our ongoing efforts. Join us in shaping a future where the tourism industry thrives on equality and sustainability.

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Showcase your organisation’s dedication to advancing gender equality in the tourism and hospitality sectors by becoming a sponsor of our prestigious international gender equality awards, gaining exposure on a global stage. Our awards play a pivotal role in driving transformative change within the industry, showcasing and recognising best practices that can be replicated across the sector. We understand the importance of tailoring sponsorship agreements to meet the unique needs of our partners, and we are committed to creating a customised sponsorship package that enables both of our organisations to achieve our respective goals. Partner with us and make a profound impact on the journey towards a more inclusive and equal future in the tourism industry.

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We eagerly invite you to reach out and start a dialogue with us to explore the possibilities of a meaningful partnership. We are excited about the potential collaboration between our organisations and the mutual support we can offer each other. By connecting with us, we can delve deeper into the ways in which we can forge a strong partnership that aligns with our shared goals. Let’s embark on a journey together, where we can combine our strengths, expertise, and resources to create a lasting and impactful alliance. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and let’s start shaping a brighter future together.

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