Written by: Danielle Banfield

Some people’s dedication to making tourism more sustainable resembles a passion. Laura Vesa is undeniably one of these devoted individuals. The founding leader of Association of Ecotourism in Romania (A.E.R.), Laura focuses on creating partnerships between nature conservation associations and tourism organisations in Romania. A.E.R. has successfully undertaken several pioneering projects, such as creating a thematic path along the Danube Delta which can be explored by boat, or encouraging locals to explore the Călimani National Park by organising an inclusive park day.

Association of Ecotourism in Romania

In her professional life Laura’s commitment to responsible tourism does not diminish as she also runs DiscoveRomania, a tour operator dedicated to introducing people to her country, while maintaining a sensitive approach to environmental and conservation issues. Operating from her own beautiful wooden house in the heart of Brasov, she has welcomed countless guests to discover the richness of Romanian culture, history, and landscape. From the legendary Transylvanian villages to the picturesque castles and monasteries that are dotted across the country, Laura has enabled visitors to explore the diverse country.

Laura’s philosophy of tourism not only creates quality experiences for the visitor but also aims to produce economic benefits for the local area. Throughout her 15 years in the tourism industry, Laura has proven time and time again that tourism can be a driver for positive change.