It’s that time of year again – today is International Women’s Day! Sometimes it feels bittersweet to need a day to ‘officially’ celebrate who and what we are – when, really, we should be celebrating every day of the year. But this year it feels different. This year, with over 12 months of practical action and social movement behind us, it feels like this day is finally what it should be – what it could be. A culmination of everyday celebration, a chorus of women declaring to the world that we are strong, intrepid, entrepreneurial, innovative, creative, determined… and not to be silenced.

This year’s theme is Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives. Or, if you’re social media-inclined, it’s #TimeIsNow (hashtag). In our own way, here at Equality in Tourism, we wanted to join the celebrations, by highlighting women’s success stories in the tourism industry. We will be sharing one story every day for a week, and hope to draw attention to the amazing work and incredible determination of everyday women around the world – and the initiatives underway to give more women a platform for self-realisation. We hope you will be as inspired by them as we are.

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