Tourism’s Impact on Women Farmers in Kilimanjaro

Co-operative manager, Elizabeth Mushi stood holding vegetables at the Wamboma shop to be sold to customers and hoteliers.

Stories from the field How Wamboma Co-operative is using the Local Tourism and Hospitality Industry to transform the lives of women Farmers. In the heart of Tanzania, an incredible initiative is making a profound impact on the lives of women farmers and the local community. The Wamboma Co-operative, driven by the vision of empowering women […]

Tanzania Project: Dativa Frank Elia

Dativa working on her Farm

Our women’s empowerment supply chain work, which enables impoverished farming women in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania to supply local hotels with their produce, continues to inspire. Read Farmer Dativa Frank Elia’s story.

Project Update: September 2022

Women gathered together outside as training is delivered by Project leader

Equality in Tourism Director, Dr Tricia Barnett provides an overview of the project team’s recent field visits to Maili Sita, Kimashuku and Namwai.

Tricia in Tanzania: Vibrancy and Hope

Wamboma womens collective sat in a meeting with EiT director Tricia Barnett

Equality in Tourism Director, Tricia has just returned from a long-awaited trip to Tanzania. After several pandemic-related postponements, she was delighted to be back and reconnecting with the incredible team that have kept our Empowering Women Farmers through Tourism work alive throughout the pandemic. So what do things look like for the women involved in […]

Words from WAMBOMA: Regeneration and Reflection

In January, we heard from Elizabeth, the manager of WAMBOMA Cooperative who sent us updates from two farmers in Namwai village, Tumaini and Marry. Our last update on the project focused on resilience and hope in the face of COVID19. In this post, Tumaini and Marry reflect on how their lives have changed since joining […]

Tanzania Update: Regaining Hope and Building Resilience

Covid-19 has Brought Tourism to a Standstill Our holidays have been high on the agenda in the media and in many of our lives; but the forecasts for the world to reopen for international tourism are bleak. The consequences for people all over the world who depend on hospitality and tourism have been very grim. […]

COVID-19: Women in Tourism Rising to the Challenge

Farmers training cucumbers in the green house

Globally women with their own businesses, dependent on tourism, are showing their resilience and adapting as far as they possibly can to the lack of a market. They have to move quickly and with determination. Otherwise all is lost and they as women with dependants, can not afford the luxury of waiting for business to […]

Raising Funds to Combat Climate Change

Women farmers in Namwai, Tanzania, with Tricia Barnett

Our #FarmForTheFuture project continues to grow. 120 women are now trained in new methods of farming, business processes and entrepreneurship, but – importantly – also their legal rights and women’s empowerment. Sixty farmers from two villages have created a cooperative, Wamboma: Women Farming for the Future, while another group of sixty women have been trained […]

News from Tanzania

Tricia Barnett recently spent some time in the participanting communities of our ground-breaking #FarmForTheFuture project near Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Here’s her account. Happily, after days of torrential rain, the sun is out. I am with our project team evaluating our women’s farming project #FarmForTheFuture after two years. We’ve been training impoverished, marginalised women farmers to come […]

An update from our #FarmForTheFuture project

Tricia Barnett recently visited Tanzania and met with the women participating in this groundbreaking project. Here, she shares her impressions and a general update on where things are. I am delighted to share with you the latest news from the path-breaking project that would not have been possible without the support of our generous donors. […]

#FarmForTheFuture project update

Our #FarmForTheFuture project has been progressing in great strides. We and our partners on the ground in Tanzania are incredibly excited about everyone’s achievements! Read on for an overview of what we’ve been up to. Business training The project kicked off with six consecutive days of all-day training for 30 women. We were excited to […]

We did it!

£16118 raised. 155 backers. 30 farmers. 20 hotels. Thank you!

We couldn’t be happier, thank you all for the overwhelming support, commitment, and enthusiastic encouragement. In the last 24 hours, we came so close to our target, raising an amazing £16,118. This means that we will be able to run this transformative project in Malisita, Tanzania for the full six months that our farmers need to train, […]

Empowering 30 Tanzanian women through tourism and farming

three women from our project in Tanzania on a bright yellow background

The Challenge! Over the last 18 months we have been developing an innovative project in the heart of the Tanzanian tourist district. Here, women, children, and their families are often living in extreme poverty, earning what they can by selling small produce at market by the bucket, the bushel, or the bunch. The competition is […]

An update on our pilot project in Tanzania: empowering women farmers through tourism

  Our Directors Tricia Barnett and Stroma Cole have just spent two weeks working in Tanzania as part of an Equality in Tourism initiated pilot project, to create economic growth and promote gender equality in the Kilimanjaro region. Three workshops were held to highlight the potential of tourism linkages and gender equality to improve the […]