Evelyn’s Story – Adventure Alternative

By Evelyn Muronji Walluckano My name is Evelyn Muronji Walluckano. I’ve been working in the tourism industry for nine years, after pursuing two diplomas—in food production and in tour guiding and administration. When I enrolled in college, the ratio of men to women was 4:1 in the same course but looking at the number of […]

Women Who Inspire Me

By Hamira Zamani-Farahani As I reflect on my life as we approach International Women’s Day, there are three women that come to mind. These women have impacted my career and personal life immensely and so it feels opportune to share how they’ve encouraged and motivated me through the years. The first is Dr. Lee Jolliffe […]

Women at the Foot of the Eight-Thousanders

Our director Daniela Moreno Alarcón spent time in Nepal earlier this year, conducting gender evaluations in some of the country’s top tourism destinations. She met with many inspiring entrepreneurs and activists, and recounts some of her impressions below. The original Spanish version of this article can be read here, and also includes sources to the […]

Mujeres a los pies de los ocho miles (ES)

Nuestra directora Daniela Moreno Alarcón pasó un tiempo en Nepal a principios de este año, realizando evaluaciones de género en algunos de los principales destinos turísticos del país. Ella se reunió con muchos empresarios y activistas inspiradores, y relata algunas de sus impresiones aquí. En enero de 2019 tuve mi primera experiencia en Nepal en […]

Putting gender equality on the agenda – two recent events show how it’s done

Equality in Tourism recently presented on gender equality at two seminal events. Angela Kalisch, trustee and chair of EiT, recounts her experience. The first of the events was Roundtable on Human Rights in Tourism’s symposium “Human Rights in Practice: Equality in Tourism”, held in Utrecht, Netherlands. Angela also joined a panel discussion at TTG Media’s […]

The Entrepreneur – Ioanna’s Story

With the migrant crisis frequently hitting the news headlines, we often forget the human stories behind the people involved. Migrants often face harsh conditions, such as unemployment. However, there are stories that tell us of people who are able to make the most of a challenging situation and create their own opportunities. The story of […]

Discover Eco-Romania – Laura’s Story

Written by: Danielle Banfield Some people’s dedication to making tourism more sustainable resembles a passion. Laura Vesa is undeniably one of these devoted individuals. The founding leader of Association of Ecotourism in Romania (A.E.R.), Laura focuses on creating partnerships between nature conservation associations and tourism organisations in Romania. A.E.R. has successfully undertaken several pioneering projects, such as creating […]

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – Lek’s Story

Written by: Eve Kanram Sangdeaun “Lek” Chailert was born in the remote village of Baan Lao, just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Lek learnt how to care for various animals from her grandfather at a very young age. He was a healer for the local community, who treated both people and animals, and would allow Lek to help him […]

Travelling, Learning, and Solving – Philile’s Story

Philile Nzimande, a mentee of Maud Masiyiwa-Wakatama, is a co-founder of the South African based business, Travelingcheapskates. Travelingcheapskates is a black female owned social enterprise that began in 2012. They have been listed on Soul Traveller as 1 of 7 ‘Black Owned Travel Start-ups Changing The Face of South African Tourism’. As well as featuring on all leading South African […]

The Mentor – Maud’s Story

A mentorship is a powerful partnership. It allows the mentor to share their knowledge, advice, and resources with their mentees to help them excel professionally. It is also the reason why many women are making it to the top of their careers, and why many local businesses are successful. In South Africa, there are many […]

The Marble Mason – Hazel’s Story

written by: Eve Kanram Ever since the Goddesses Tyche and Cybele became guardians of the land, women have been the protectors and carriers of ancient traditions. From the clothes that they weave to the tales that they tell, it is the women that have passed down their history, generation after generation. Hazel Kara has been […]

A Lebanese Perspective – Rana’s Story

We are pleased to be able to present to you all another inspiring lady. Meet Rana, originally from Lebanon she is currently based in Madrid. Her hobbies includes walking, coloring and biking. 1. You have a diverse and at times challenging, professional background. Can you share some of your experiences with us? My first professional […]

The women of the Jequitinhonha Valley

A guest blog by Elisa Spampinato Fighting with art for their independence The Jequitinhonha Valley (in Minas Gerais, Brazil), once a prosperous region whose economy was driven by the gold mines, today is one of the poorest areas in Brazil. Poor only from an economic perspective – very rich in culture and humanity. The inhabitants […]

Berhan Teklay Teka’s story – guiding tourists in Ethiopia

The below is a contribution by Ethiopian tour guide Berhan Teklay Teka – she’s passionate about showing visitors the sights of her country and one of the few women to be able to do so in a profession that is still predominantly male. My name is Berhan Teklay Teka. I was born in 1989 in […]

Evolvin’ Women: A Social Enterprise with a Focus on Hospitality

Assia Riccio is the founder of the Evolvin’ Women, an idea that occurred to her in 2011 when after winning the prestigious Olive Barnet award she could take up courses at Cornell. It was at Cornell that she met Wilma, a Ghanaian who asked why she was there – Assia was one of the youngest […]