Tourism’s Impact on Women Farmers in Kilimanjaro

Co-operative manager, Elizabeth Mushi stood holding vegetables at the Wamboma shop to be sold to customers and hoteliers.

Stories from the field How Wamboma Co-operative is using the Local Tourism and Hospitality Industry to transform the lives of women Farmers. In the heart of Tanzania, an incredible initiative is making a profound impact on the lives of women farmers and the local community. The Wamboma Co-operative, driven by the vision of empowering women […]

The Domari Community of Jerusalem: Amoun Steel

Words: Elisa Spampinato, Equality in Tourism associate, Founder at Travel Storyteller Amoun Steel is a proud gypsy woman of the Domari ethnic group and a charismatic leader. She is a self-empowered woman and a brave role model for the women of her community. The Dom People On 27 January I was invited by Marveh Farhoodi […]

Stories from the Mountains: Emmy K

Emmy calls Sanya Juu Village in West Kilimanjaro region her home. She is 34 years old, and the fourth of 8 children. Presently, she lives with her mother and a younger sibling.  “Growing up, there was always trouble in the family, as far back as I can remember.  My alcoholic father contributed nothing to family […]

Stories from the Mountains: Anna J

This is the first in a series of stories about women porters climbing Kilimanjaro. Working in a mostly male dominated field, women often struggle to secure employment as porters. However, Anna J’s story represents the resilience and perseverance that women possess. Women continue to demonstrate their ability to break down gendered environments. Anna J.  is […]

Eleni Atskikbasis and Her Work on the Aegean Island of Lesvos

Eleni, a Greek national, born and raised in Australia, travelled extensively before settling in Greece in 1994. Over the last 10 years, she has poured all her energies into the island of Lesvos. Also known as Mytiline, Lesvos is a beautiful Greek island in the Northern Aegean sea off the coast of Turkey. In 2009, […]

COVID-19: Women in Tourism Rising to the Challenge

Farmers training cucumbers in the green house

Globally women with their own businesses, dependent on tourism, are showing their resilience and adapting as far as they possibly can to the lack of a market. They have to move quickly and with determination. Otherwise all is lost and they as women with dependants, can not afford the luxury of waiting for business to […]

COVID-19 in India: an opportunity for women?

Is the disruption caused by the pandemic an opportunity for building new and better models of employment for women in tourism? In a recent article, Equations, a research, policy and advocacy organisation working on tourism and development issues in India, analyses the problems currently faced by women working in India’s tourism sector and suggests ways […]

Second Generation Leaders

by Anny Andaryati North Mollo’s Mutis Mountain is the source of four major Timorese rivers, with diverse ecosystems like bonsai forests, eucalyptus woodlands and horse-grazed meadows. Ecotourism is supporting the knowledge of Timorese traditions, indigenous spirituality, guardianship of natural resources, Timorese cuisine, and tenun (handwoven textiles). In 2013, Aleta Baun won the Goldman Environment Prize […]

Angelina Aspuac, a tribute to the struggle of Guatemalan weaving women

By Marta Salvador, Alba Sud The characteristic that joins the women in this article, and many others to whom we raise our voices this March 8, is their ability to constantly fight. This perseverance perfectly defines our protagonist: Angelina Aspuac. Angelina was born in 1977 into a Kaqchikel family of farmers in southern Guatemala, a […]

The Women of the Hidden Valley – A Culinary Experience

By Elisa Spampinato This is the story of the invisible traditional communities of Brazil, hidden in the Ribeira Valley. The story of brave women, empowered by their own culinary culture. In the Ribeira Valley, an area of more than ten million square miles, there are 88 Quilombolas communities, direct descendants of the former slaves taken from Africa […]

Marta’s Story – Challenging Stereotypes

By Marta Muslin My name is Marta Muslin and I’m a 39-year-old single mother to a 13-year-old boy. I come from Manggarai, West Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. I work as a community project manager in Labuan Bajo where I’m very active in the community serving various roles: the legal division organizer for the Manggarai Raya […]

SASANE – Experiences, success and struggles

By Shyam Pokharel Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE) is a survivor-led organization that was established in 2008 under the founding principle that women survivors of human trafficking have immense potential to combat the exploitation of Nepalese women and girls and to create social change. Founded in Kathmandu and later expanding to Pokhara and ten mountain villages, […]

Tusha’s Story – How I Overcame My Fears

By Angela Hadjipateras Born in Supinho, a small rural village in the Zambezia province of North Central Mozambique, Tusha was one of 5 children. Her father abandoned the family when she was just 3 months old and her mother single-handedly supported her children through school. Like most in the village, Tusha did not complete her […]