Gender Justice in tourism through the lens of feminist alternative tourism economics (FATE)

Written by Dr Angela B. Kalisch Discussions on sustainability in tourism, have tended to ignore the interdependency between tourism and the capitalist economic system determining global society. Such discussions also tend to largely ignore the importance of gender relations and power dynamics within that system. This system is historically fuelled by the wealth of colonial […]

Gender and Tourism Webinar Series: Summaries, recordings and resources

The Equality in Tourism team has just finished an exciting and inspiring webinar series with the United Nations Enivronment Programme (UNEP) as part of the Transforming Tourism project with support from German Government’s International Climate Initiative. The series addressed Gender Equality in Tourism in three stages: integrating gender equality in tourism operations; tourism, gender and […]

Tourism, waste and the circular economy: a gender lens

Marta Muslin talks about her ground-breaking work in Indonesia promoting plastic recycling and the empowerment of women I live in Labuan Bajo. I earn my living renting out a boat to dive companies. I am the coordinator of several NGOs including the Indonesia Waste Platform. When the pandemic hit it really took everyone by surprise. […]

Assessing Gender Representation of Speakers at UNWTO’s Events

By Dr Elaine Chiao Ling Yang The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) plays an important leadership role in setting the agenda that drives tourism development. The organisation is the leader in tourism knowledge production and dissemination through research and business events such as industry meetings and conferences. In response to the pronounced and persistent […]

The Truth Behind the Tweets: Tourism Companies, International Women’s Day and Purple-Washing

How tourism companies and organisations celebrated International Women’s Day through purple-washing their claims of gender equality This International Women’s Day (IWD), the world of business came together as it does every year, to celebrate women’s achievements and raise awareness for gender equality across sectors. However, just like any internationally recognised day for the celebration of […]

The Domari Community of Jerusalem: Amoun Steel

Words: Elisa Spampinato, Equality in Tourism associate, Founder at Travel Storyteller Amoun Steel is a proud gypsy woman of the Domari ethnic group and a charismatic leader. She is a self-empowered woman and a brave role model for the women of her community. The Dom People On 27 January I was invited by Marveh Farhoodi […]

Leadership and Technology: The double gender gap in the tourism industry

By Helen Merrick The role of technology in the tourism industry is increasingly important to keep up with global markets, address consumer needs and develop industry-wide data analysis. While the underrepresentation of women in decision-making positions in tourism industry and organisations has been widely researched, recent research from Figueroa-Domecq et al. sets out to explore […]

Albasud Report: Gender inequalities in the Tourism Labour Market

Written by Helen Merrick This new report from Nuria Abellan Calvet, Carla Izcara Conde, Alejandra Lopez Ballart and Marta Salvador Almela explores the issue of the tourism labour market from a gender perspective. With a focus on the feminisation of the tourism labour market, the report considers fifteen forms of gender inequality through examples from […]

Gendered scripts in airline documentation: how corporate literature shapes and reshapes gender subjectivities in the aviation industry

This week’s Insight considers new research by Smith, Cohen, Kimbu and Jong, published in the Annals of Tourism Research, which chiefly concerns how gendered meanings are crafted through airline texts, signs and gestures. Whilst on the face of it this may sound abstract, the importance of symbolism to reify gender roles was brought into sharp relief as I, […]

Tourism and Women’s Livelihoods in Victoria Falls

This blog was written by Tariro Sibanda and Joseph M. Cheer. It is based upon research presented in their recent book chapter ‘Impacts of tourism on livelihoods of women in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’, which can be found in Tourism, Change and the Global South, edited by Jarkko Saarinen and Jane Rogerson. We have all heard […]