It is important for us to acknowledge and celebrate individuals who break the often-established taboo of women working within the tourism industry, as well as the communities and countries that enable them to do so. Recently, we came across a heartening story in the Times of Oman.

Since June this year, the government has noted an increase in the number of Omani women showing a keen interest in working within the industry and becoming tour guides.

The role of a tour guide provides women with the opportunity to develop new skills, such as time management and communication, as well as developing their confidence. As tour guides they meet new people from around the world, learning new languages and engaging in cultural exchange in the process. Not to mention the financial and material benefits – for Omani women, working as a tour guide is proving to be fulfilling and rewarding.

These women have shown strength and independence by taking it upon themselves to break with established convention and assuming roles previously reserved for men. We wager it has made a big difference to the lives of the women guides – but importantly, we hope it inspires those around them to confront the wider prejudices and challenges of gender inequality.

You can read the full article on the Times of Oman site here.