Book Launch Invitation: Tourism and Gender-based Violence

Tourism and Gender-Based Violence book

We invite you to joins us in celebrating the publication of Tourism and Gender-Based Violence on the 30th of September at 4pm (UK time). The launch of the book edited by doctors Paola Vizcaino, Heather Jeffrey and Claudia Eger will include dialogue with contributors, editors and grassroots organisations. As gender remains a marginal area of […]

Becoming a Feminist Tourism Tesearcher

It’s one of those things you would expect to remember vividly, but I don’t. A thing you would think would stay with you every second of the day, but it doesn’t. That first time you were harassed by an employer, the time he showed you his penis or tried to press his pursed wrinkly lips […]

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

One in three women experience physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives, and these numbers are only the ones we know about. There are numerous reasons why women might not report acts of violence, but perhaps fourth-wave feminism is working towards changing the discourse through movements such as #metoo. This International Day […]

Where are all the women chefs?

Gender stereotypes are often used to explain horizontal and vertical segregation in the tourism and hospitality industries, but there is one area that demands we question this (at least to some extent): the kitchen. Did you know that women make up just around 20% of chefs in the UK? And yet one of the most […]

Summer Conference Season

This summer our associates have been busy presenting research at a number of international conferences on the topic of gender and tourism. We feel it is time to celebrate women who are working to promote research into this area and change the status quo of male-dominated conferences. At the beginning of the summer, our director Dr. […]

The Disappointing Gender Pay Gap in the UK Tourism Industry

In 2016 the UK had one of the highest gender pay gaps in Europe, the gender pay gap does not symbolize a difference in pay for the same work, but the difference in pay for all roles. Since then, reporting on the gender pay gap for large companies has become mandatory. The data is now […]

Sit at the Table for Women’s Empowerment

On February 21st, our associate Dr Heather Jeffrey joined Evolvin’ Women to sit at the table and discuss “Empowering women through education” to explore ways to encourage female students to enter non-traditional professions such as the culinary arts. Let’s sit at the table is a series of 7 roundtables launched in partnership with The Retreat […]

Evolvin’ Women: A Social Enterprise with a Focus on Hospitality

Assia Riccio is the founder of the Evolvin’ Women, an idea that occurred to her in 2011 when after winning the prestigious Olive Barnet award she could take up courses at Cornell. It was at Cornell that she met Wilma, a Ghanaian who asked why she was there – Assia was one of the youngest […]