Round Table Human Rights in Tourism

Equality in Tourism has been invited to make a keynote speech at the symposium of the Round Table Human Rights in Tourism in Utrecht, Netherlands, on 27th June 2019, on ‘Equality in Tourism’. Our chair, Dr Angela Kalisch, is delighted to deliver the speech, covering issues of gender equality in tourism, with suggestions for implementation. The symposium will focus […]

The Entrepreneur – Ioanna’s Story

With the migrant crisis frequently hitting the news headlines, we often forget the human stories behind the people involved. Migrants often face harsh conditions, such as unemployment. However, there are stories that tell us of people who are able to make the most of a challenging situation and create their own opportunities. The story of […]

Discover Eco-Romania – Laura’s Story

Written by: Danielle Banfield Some people’s dedication to making tourism more sustainable resembles a passion. Laura Vesa is undeniably one of these devoted individuals. The founding leader of Association of Ecotourism in Romania (A.E.R.), Laura focuses on creating partnerships between nature conservation associations and tourism organisations in Romania. A.E.R. has successfully undertaken several pioneering projects, such as creating […]

Addressing the Elephant in the Room – Lek’s Story

Written by: Eve Kanram Sangdeaun “Lek” Chailert was born in the remote village of Baan Lao, just north of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Lek learnt how to care for various animals from her grandfather at a very young age. He was a healer for the local community, who treated both people and animals, and would allow Lek to help him […]

Travelling, Learning, and Solving – Philile’s Story

Philile Nzimande, a mentee of Maud Masiyiwa-Wakatama, is a co-founder of the South African based business, Travelingcheapskates. Travelingcheapskates is a black female owned social enterprise that began in 2012. They have been listed on Soul Traveller as 1 of 7 ‘Black Owned Travel Start-ups Changing The Face of South African Tourism’. As well as featuring on all leading South African […]

The Mentor – Maud’s Story

A mentorship is a powerful partnership. It allows the mentor to share their knowledge, advice, and resources with their mentees to help them excel professionally. It is also the reason why many women are making it to the top of their careers, and why many local businesses are successful. In South Africa, there are many […]

The Marble Mason – Hazel’s Story

written by: Eve Kanram Ever since the Goddesses Tyche and Cybele became guardians of the land, women have been the protectors and carriers of ancient traditions. From the clothes that they weave to the tales that they tell, it is the women that have passed down their history, generation after generation. Hazel Kara has been […]

International Women’s Day 2019

Today is International Women’s Day! A day that should really be celebrated every day of the year. Let’s take today to all unite and work together towards our common goal of equality. A day to reflect on how far women have come this year, and a day to celebrate women’s achievements. Over the next week, […]

The 116th U.S. Congress…

Last week was the opening of the 116th Congress, and it’s making history by breaking records and marking historic firsts! Incredibly, the number of women in Congress is at a record high at 127, with more than 100 women sworn into the Democratic side. Unfortunately, the number of women on the Republican’s side declined after […]

Congratulations Professor Shirley Kaye Randell

We would like to congratulate Professor Shirley Kaye Randell on receiving the Institute of Managers and Leaders inaugural Sir John Storey Award for Lifetime Leadership Achievement. Shirley, who is an associate of Equality in Tourism, is world renowned for her work with women in Rwanda after the genocide. She has also had a fascinating and […]

Breaking New Ground

It is important for us to acknowledge and celebrate individuals who break the often-established taboo of women working within the tourism industry, as well as the communities and countries that enable them to do so. Recently, we came across a heartening story in the Times of Oman. Since June this year, the government has noted […]