Leadership and Technology: The double gender gap in the tourism industry

By Helen Merrick The role of technology in the tourism industry is increasingly important to keep up with global markets, address consumer needs and develop industry-wide data analysis. While the underrepresentation of women in decision-making positions in tourism industry and organisations has been widely researched, recent research from Figueroa-Domecq et al. sets out to explore […]

Albasud Report: Gender inequalities in the Tourism Labour Market

Written by Helen Merrick This new report from Nuria Abellan Calvet, Carla Izcara Conde, Alejandra Lopez Ballart and Marta Salvador Almela explores the issue of the tourism labour market from a gender perspective. With a focus on the feminisation of the tourism labour market, the report considers fifteen forms of gender inequality through examples from […]

Gendered scripts in airline documentation: how corporate literature shapes and reshapes gender subjectivities in the aviation industry

This week’s Insight considers new research by Smith, Cohen, Kimbu and Jong, published in the Annals of Tourism Research, which chiefly concerns how gendered meanings are crafted through airline texts, signs and gestures. Whilst on the face of it this may sound abstract, the importance of symbolism to reify gender roles was brought into sharp relief as I, […]

Tourism and Women’s Livelihoods in Victoria Falls

This blog was written by Tariro Sibanda and Joseph M. Cheer. It is based upon research presented in their recent book chapter ‘Impacts of tourism on livelihoods of women in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’, which can be found in Tourism, Change and the Global South, edited by Jarkko Saarinen and Jane Rogerson. We have all heard […]

New modelling indicates that culture is still the key driver of gender inequality in Asia

For over 30 years now, sociologists have explored how tourism could advance gender equality in global contexts. However, more recently it has been argued that the methods used in studies have stagnated the development of knowledge. Research has tended towards focusing on the micro-politics of gendered interactions in the tourism industry, and predominantly has been […]

Sustainable tourism: a route to women’s empowerment, or a stagnation of progress? The contradictory relationship between sustainability and SDG#5 in Turkish tourism

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a group of 17 global aims which embody a commitment by United Nations member states to address global issues such as poverty, health and gender equality. Notwithstanding, new research conducted by one of Equality in Tourism’s own Associates, Professor Hazel Tucker (The Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2020), considers the […]

White women volunteering in the global South- the ghost of colonialism’s past?

Volunteer tourism, or ‘voluntourism’ as it is more commonly known, comprises the practice of travelling abroad to undertake voluntary work in humanitarian and development projects. For young people in the global North, and particularly young White women, it has become an increasingly popular way to travel, as it combines international adventure with Generation Z’s much-discussed […]