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Equality in Tourism International is a UK-based registered charity (No: 1178375) and offers a unique service through the wide-ranging experience of its team and its international network of associates. From research and development programmes and capacity building initiatives to strategic management and policy development, we draw on the extensive expertise of our contacts, bringing together diverse skill sets to deliver remarkable service.

Who do we work with?

  • We work with policy-makers and partners in the public and private sectors as well as civil society, such as community-based organisations and women’s groups.
  • We are particularly interested in working with companies and organisations in the tourism and hospitality industries that are keen to innovate and might wish to also recognise the need for supply chain compliance. This includes those developing livelihood opportunities or looking to ensure good working conditions.

What do we offer?

We are a global community of highly experienced and passionate individuals. Apart from public-funded research and project development, we offer offering a range of expert services, such as:

  • Social and strategic needs analyses, which enable us to understand the relations within and between communities and develop methods for positive change.
  • Gender awareness programmes to develop standards, together with monitoring and evaluation.
  • Organisational development and programme delivery, including strategic planning, change management, economic empowerment training and capacity building.
  • Feasibility studies that require research and analysis of options.
  • Communications development to ensure essential marketing and communications skills for small businesses and community resources.
  • Gender and human rights impact assessments to identify and describe a benchmark for equality.
  • Gender equality training

Get in touch if you have feel the above does not match your needs – we may well still be able to help!

How do we do it?

  • We use gender analysis to understand the norms that structure relations and processes within institutions and society. By gathering evidence, information and stories from all relevant individuals, groups and organisations, we are able to understand the barriers women face in decision-making processes and their consequent access to resources and opportunities. Based on this analysis, we develop recommendations and strategies for change that are deliverable, owned by the implementers, and sustainable.
  • Using the latest gender analysis tools, research and methodologies, we ensure that our results are successful and sustainable as they place women’s concerns and needs at the centre of tourism development.
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