We are pleased to be able to present to you all another inspiring lady. Meet Rana, originally from Lebanon she is currently based in Madrid. Her hobbies includes walking, coloring and biking.

1. You have a diverse and at times challenging, professional background. Can you share some of your experiences with us?

My first professional experience was in Afghanistan where I worked in Administration and HR. It was very challenging for me to work and live in Afghanistan as I was young girl in a very dangerous area. Then I worked in Dubai and India in the same departments. Then I moved to Spain with my family where I faced two challenges: the Spanish language and start professional life in the Spanish market.

2. You have recently completed a masters in International Tourism Management. What inspired you to learn more about the tourism sector?

Tourism has been my passion since forever, but I never had the chance to study tourism and I thought this master would be a good start to enhance my professional passion and experience in the tourism sector.

3. You’re proudly Lebanese! What are your favourite reasons to visit Lebanon?

Lebanon is a great small country. It has four seasons’, at this time of the year you can enjoy skiing on the mountains and in half hour,  you can be at the beach swimming and tanning.

We also have  winter Sports, long sandy seashores, cultural tourism (famous Phoenician and Roman monuments and ruins,) night life, summer festivals (featuring Lebanese and international performers,) great nature and landscapes, religious tourism for both Christians and Muslims, fashion and moda. (Ed Note: This is Spanish for fashion; Rana has obviously soaked up some of the local customs!)

And of course you must try  the delicious Lebanese cuisine!

4. How does tourism affect Lebanon?

Tourism is the major source of revenue in Lebanon (Lebanon is known as ‘Paris of the middle east’) !!!!!

5. What are some challenges women face working within the tourism sector in Lebanon?

Lebanon was ranked number 1 in MENA area on women in the workplace, but still women find some challenges not exclusive to tourism sector, such as promotions, benefits, working hours and lack of trainings and development.

6. What are some of your hopes for the future of Lebanese tourism?

Lebanon  has great potentials and abilities to be a leader country in tourism sector. All my hopes are safety and prosperity.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about Rana’s experiences within the tourism sector and discovering the beauty of Lebanon!

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